Meet our Chamber Team

Whether behind the scenes creating new events and tools or out front advocating and championing for causes that matter to you, the Chamber staff are your resource to grow your business. If you haven’t had a chance to speak with them directly, reach out. They are here to help you.

Board of Directors
Member Benefits

Example: The team at the Chamber has been great to work with and helps us get the most of our membership. Knowledgeable individuals who are always there with helpful suggestions and access to the information we need.

First and last Name, company

Julie Coons

President and CEO

Kevin Kelly

Vice President, Finance and Administration

Clayton Medford

Vice President, Government Relations

Jennifer Williamson

Vice President, Workforce & Member Engagement

Jamal Sealey

Executive Assistant to President and CEO

Carmen Sevilla

Senior Manager, Member Engagement

John Woodstock

Director, Sales

Homaira Sheikh

Manager, Registration

Membership: A Boost For Your Business

Regardless of your business's size or type, we have a Chamber membership that will help you expand your network, build connections, and gain a voice within our Northern Virginia community.
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There are advantages in membership

A Chamber membership is more than a box to check, it's a gateway to business growth. Through our weekly networking and educational events, we provide opportunities for our members to connect with each other.
We've taking networking a step farther with the creation of our Business Councils. Find the one that fits your specific industry or professional focus for not-to-be missed events.
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Government Advocacy

Ensuring that business has a voice in the legislative process, the Chamber is a recognized and respected voice within local, state, and federal governments.
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Building Connections

With weekly events and multiple member connector activities, the Chamber offers ample opportunities to meet business leaders and build business relationships.
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Education Opportunities

Nationally recognized industry experts, subject matter expert speakers, business thought leaders, and industry authorities are all standard fixtures in the Chamber's educational and Business Council Series events.
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Annual Awards

Fostering excellence in business and rewarding those who embody greatness is part of our annual work. The Chamber hosts multiple annual awards that showcase our region's business leaders and local heroes.
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Member Services & Discounts

Along with quality connections, advocacy, and educational opportunities, a Chamber membership offers business discounts, included services, member-only events, and more!
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