2019 - 2020 Strategic Goals

The Northern Virginia Chamber has outlined specific growth goals for the next year. We've broken these out into the below steps.

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Goal 1 – Financial Growth

Meet and exceed financial goals to ensure fiscal sustainability and to drive investment and growth opportunities.

1. Improve data integrity and quality to grow member retention and revenue (membership, sponsorship and registration)

  • Review current data management processes (FY19 Q2)
  • Establish baseline of data metrics (FY19 Q3)
  • Develop plan to improve data integrity and grow data set (FY19 Q4)

2. Evaluate and grow member value that supports Chamber financial growth

  • Conduct member survey (FY19 Q2)
  • Review survey results to align with member offerings (FY19 Q3)
  • Consider new product offering if identified in survey (FY20 Q1)

3. Review existing activities with goal to increase annual net contribution

  • Align partner relationships to Chamber business needs (FY19 Q4)
  • Conduct dues audit and align dues to appropriate levels (FY19 Q4)
  • Review and refine sales strategy (FY19 Q4)
  • Review and implement retention strategy (FY19 Q2)

4. Develop 2021‐2024 Strategic Plan

  • Form Strategic Planning Committee (FY20 Q1)
  • Retain consultant for strategic planning (FY20 Q2)
  • Present plan to EC and Board for approval (FY20 Q4)

    Quarterly Update

    Highlights for Next Quarter

    • Staff reviewing and modifying use of data systems (cVent and Weblink) to better capture and use data; overall data process in review
    • Member survey: qualitative phase complete; quantitative to be launched to general membership late this week
    • Member retention process enhanced to include changes to invoice timing/frequency; phone outreach; collections process amended
    • Completion of member survey with results to guide enhancement, alterations of membership value
    • Completion of member survey with results to guide enhancement, alterations of membership value

    Goal 2 – Regional Focus

    Become the preeminent leader on regional economic advancement issues, including diversification, transportation, and workforce development

    1. Develop and implement plan to “Drive” activity and progress on a regional issue with business impact

    • Develop strawman plan for review and approval by Regional Leadership Committee (FY19 Q1)
    • Regional Leadership Committee presents recommendation to Executive Committee (FY19 Q2)
    • Seek partners to advance plan (FY19 Q3)
    • Develop operational plan and begin implementation (FY19 Q4)

    2. Influence regional issues via Chamber business advocacy efforts

    • Develop annual legislative agenda with a regional focus included (FY19 Q4) Develop advocacy & communications plan to influence regional issues (FY20 Q1)

    Quarterly Update

    • Strawman document developed by staff; reviewed and approved by Regional Leadership Committee
    • Recommendation from Regional Leadership Committee to be presented to Executive Committee May 22

    Highlights for Next Quarter

    • Member Task Forces to be formed to guide development of implementation plan

    Goal 3 – Diversity

    Attract, engage and retain a diverse, influential and engaged membership. Reflect the broader business community with intentionality

    1. Develop deeper and broader relationships with member companies

    • Conduct 4 onsite member briefings for large companies with limited engagement (FY19 Q4)
    • Create baseline of speakers to ensure program content and speakers reflect diversity of membership (FY19 Q4)

    2. Grow multi‐generational engagement

    • Evaluate existing programs with focus on growth (FY19 Q3)
    • Develop business plan for creation of a Leadership Development program – go/no go (FY20 Q1)

    3. Evaluate the value‐proposition for small business within the Chamber

    • Analyze value proposition for small business (FY19 Q3)

    4. Pursue work of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council

    • Establish benchmarks to measure impact on growth and revenue (FY19 Q3)
    • Evaluate I&E program structure and viability (FY20 Q2)
    • Consider partnerships to grow Chamber innovation brand (FY20 Q2)

    5. Review Chamber governance structure to ensure alignment with current organizational objectives

    • Form governance task force (FY19 Q4)
    • Retain governance consultant (FY20 Q1)
    • Implement governance review (FY20 Q1)
    • Present recommendations for approval to Board (FY20 Q4)

    Quarterly Update

    • Staff has developed agreement whereby I&E programming will be provided through series of existing and new partnerships (Smart City Works, Refraction, Connectprenuer among others)
    • Evaluation of partners continues; new content partnership reached with Connectpreneur for I&E Council

    Highlights for Next Quarter

    • Utilizing member survey results, evaluate Chamber value proposition for small business.