Greater Washington Apprenticeship Network

Bringing opportunity to our Northern Virginia Workforce

In the Fall of 2020, great minds at Accenture, Aon, and the Chamber came together and created The Greater Washington Apprenticeship Network. The Network's mission is to help employers in the Region explore and develop an apprenticeship-based model of recruitment and training.

Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to “earn and learn,” meaning that employees receive needed on-the-job training while still earning a living. While some skills are well suited to be developed within an educational environment, others, including soft skills such as team building and leadership, can best be developed within the workplace.

Through apprenticeship programs, Employers can impart key skills and train workers in their own methods and techniques, the cost of which can be recovered through employee loyalty and retention, providing the kind of workplace the 21st century workforce expects: diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and innovative.

The Greater Washington Apprenticeship Network brings together employers, academic institutions, public and private sectors. Employers gain access to best practices from organizational peers, sources of prospective apprentice candidates, support services, academic institutions, and training resources.

October 28, 2020: Greater Washington Apprenticeship Network Information Session, Aon and Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Industry Briefing 


The Greater Washington Apprenticeship Network was founded in partnership with Aon and Accenture and built on the model of the highly successful Chicago Apprenticeship Network. 


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