Greater Washington Innovation AwardsTM Finalist Q&A

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Fresh Haystack 
Mature Technology Innovator of the Year Finalist

Andrew Razumovsky, Principal, Fresh Haystack

In your opinion, what makes a company innovative?
Exposing your employees to why your company is in business and supporting an environment where all employees have the freedom to contribute new ideas, fail and learn from their mistakes.

What makes your company innovative?
Paying attention to what doesn’t work in the market, how it could be changed for the better with innovation and new product ideas, and investing in the company, it’s people and product development.
What or who are some innovative companies or people that inspire you and your team?
Hubspot; Mark Roberge – Harvard Business School
Amazon; Jeff Bezos
What are some publications, print or digital, you read daily or have read that help you stay on top of your game? 
The Cipher Brief, Security Magazine, Washington Technology
What advice would you give to up-and-coming leaders striving to be innovative in today’s business environment?
​Position yourself to be told yes or no in your market as often as possible.  You will end up with an opportunity to innovate.