Week 5

2022 Legislative Session | February 14th-18th

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Virginia General Assembly

We work with business leaders, top institutions, other business organizations, and a diverse group of elected leaders to stress the importance of regionally-focused collaboration throughout Northern Virginia.
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Week 5 Summary

This week in Richmond was very consequential as we reached “crossover,” where the House and Senate can only take up bills passed by the other. About half of the bills introduced this session made it through their chamber of origination, and already the Senate at least is busy working on reducing that number of active bills on their side of the capitol.

The budget committees in each chamber will release their respective budgets on Sunday (Feb. 20). Here are the priorities for the Northern Virginia Chamber.


FY23-24 amount

Increase Funding for GO Virginia and Establish a Talent Pathways Program


ARPA: Hospitality and Tourism Business COVID-19 Grant Relief Program


ARPA: Transit Worker Pay


Virginia Business Ready Sites Funding

$150,000,000 FY23

$14,437,500 ($20M/yr)

Polystyrene Food Service Containers &

Recycling Infrastructure Improvement Program

$80,000 &

Language Only

Repeal Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus that Causes COVID-19

Language Only

Capital Improvements at Norfolk State University


Capital Improvements at Virginia State University


Tech Talent Investment Fund


Another budget concern we have is in regards to potential replacement of transportation revenue lost to the grocery tax cut. The more modest Senate proposal still results in the loss of $135 million annually, less than the proposed gas tax cut but still very significant. The gas tax cut legislation was not approved by the Senate.

There was limited action on our bills this week. Here are some of the bills we are still watching, post-crossover, in addition to the budget:

HB 78 Automatic renewal or continuous service offer to consumer; cancellation and online opt-out., Del. Glenn Davis

HB558 and SB565

Natural gas, biogas, and other gas sources of energy; definitions, energy conservation.

HB 1144 Gasoline and diesel fuel; lowers the rate of tax on July 1, 2022.

HB1156 and SB15

Private family leave insurance; definition, establishes as a class of insurance

HB 1257 Natural gas utilities; retail supply choice.

HB 1287 Virginia Public Procurement Act; preference for plastic recycled materials.

SB 631 Fair Labor Standards Act; employer liability, overtime required for certain employees, report.