Let’s Challenge Ourselves to Be Active Corporate Citizens, A Message From Our CEO

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Now more than ever.  This is a phrase that has been top of mind for many of us as we watch and react to 2020’s heartbreaking headlines. Fortunately many in our community are hearing the call and acting “now.” What we’re all learning from the economic and social challenges of today – notably the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our community and systemic racism once again proving to be tragically persistent – is that being a good member of the community and good corporate citizens requires action. 

Our community’s strength is in no part due to our Chamber and members who actively give back and help out within our community. Stepping forward to meet the exponential rise in need is second nature to many of our members, and we have been highlighting their good work and initiatives in our Positively NOVA newsletter and NOVA Member Connector website. I encourage you to read about their actions and thank them for their work.

Admittedly there are some businesses within our community who want to help, but don’t know how to engage. Management may be bogged down by questions: what is the right program, what is the right message, will I make a difference, what will my customers say?  It is my view that whatever your past level of engagement, now more than ever is the time to commit. The economic and equity needs of our community are so great there is a program or an organization that will align with your capacity to engage. You don’t have to establish a full program; support and help can take many forms, through dollars, donations, or your time.  

We maintain a list of Chamber non-profit members who could use help right now. Our NOVA Member Connector is one place to find a Chamber member to support and engage and additional inspiration can be found from our upcoming Greater Washington Good Business Award winners.  Let’s see if we can challenge ourselves.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if every business member of the Chamber acted to meet the economic needs or social challenges in our community?  

The Chamber is the Voice of Business in Northern Virginia. I suggest we take that a step further and additionally become a voice for change in the challenged economic and social time we are in. After all, businesses are people; people who want to create something new, different and solutions.  What better group of people to act now, more than ever.  

Please join me in this challenge.

Best Wishes,

Julie Coons
President and CEO