By working together, we will build a stronger Northern Virginia workforce.

The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization supporting the Northern Virginia community. 

We support our Northern Virginia community

The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization supporting the Northern Virginia community. Our purpose is to build a stronger community by establishing programs that benefit the citizens and businesses of Northern Virginia. 

Giving back is important, that's why we created

Our Foundation

The Northern Virginia Chamber Foundation was created to source solutions to our region’s workforce issues through original research and collaborative programming. Our mission is based on the principle that industry is the best driver of industry; that an investment in Northern Virginia’s business community will benefit us all today, and on into the future. 

We have carefully curated all of our Foundation programs to maximize impact on our business community. Available free and to the public, our work is focused on building a more inclusive, stronger Northern Virginia workforce. The Foundation’s priorities are:

  • Develop programs and activities to support the region’s workforce development initiatives;
  • Develop programs and activities to address issues facing our military veterans, including housing, job opportunities, training, and mental health;
  • Collaborate with and among educational institutions and other exempt organizations to support the Northern Virginia Region;
  • Develop programs and activities that advance diversity and social equity in the Northern Virginia Region;
  • Manage a scholarship fund for children of valor awardees; and
  • To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote education and community growth in the Northern Virginia Region.

Your Chamber Foundation Contact

For more information, please contact Jennifer C. Williamson, CAE, IOM, CFRE, Vice President, Workforce & Member Engagement:

Chamber Workforce Programs


Northern Virginia Workforce Index

The Northern Virginia Workforce Index provides critical information on hiring, retention, and professional development trends among employers in the region.

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The Greater Washington Apprentice Network

The Greater Washington Apprentice Network's mission is to help employers in the Region explore and develop an apprentice-based model of recruitment and training.

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The NOVA Workforce Network

The Northern Virginia Workforce Network is an inclusive and collaborative community of workforce professionals and others interested in workforce innovation across the region​.

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Champions for Accountability

Championing an inclusive Northern Virginia. To recognize participating organizations, we have developed the Northern Virginia Champions for Accountability badge.

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Capital Digital Talent

Digital talent is essential to competitiveness and growth, but the Capital Region continues to face a critical shortage. We are proud of our ongoing talent research and subsequent report that addresses strategies to build the digital talent pipeline for the region.

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The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce serves as a direct channel for leadership in Fairfax County Public Schools to interact with regional business leaders. The interactions are vital to ensuring the economic growth of our community. We enjoy the collaborative relationships we have with the business community on initiatives such as workforce development, facilities construction, transportation, and the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community. By working together, we’re preparing the future workforce, FCPS students, for the future.

Scott S. Brabrand

Division Superintendent, Fairfax County Public Schools


Kathy Alborado

Chamber Policy Committee Co-Chair

CEO, Helios HR
Chamber Policy Committee