Now More Than Ever, We Need Nonprofits

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If we, as a community, have learned anything from this year, it's that we work better when we work together and support each other. There is no place where that holds more true than in the nonprofit world. Whether they are representing businesses, like the Chamber does, or meeting the needs of individuals and families during this challenging time, nonprofits play key roles in supporting our society.

While you might think of them as only philanthropic organizations aiding those in need, "nonprofit" is a very broad term representing a broad group of organizations and missions. For example, nonprofit organizations may play a fundamental role in civic society by actively partnering with businesses and government as they carry out their missions. Reflecting their key role in our own Northern Virginia community, it's no surprise that one of the Chamber's largest member segments is comprised of nonprofit organizations manned by a dedicated staff who work to drive their respective missions forward. They're almost always seeking new and diverse talent.

One of the strengths I have brought the organizations I have led is my nearly 20 years working with government and for-profit entities. I kind of fell into the nonprofit world when I followed my industry expertise to one of its industry associations. And I quickly found out that there is a lot that is unique to nonprofit work! Nonprofits utilize unique terminology, maintain their own legal construct, and enjoy a culture of shared leadership among staff and volunteers.

If the nonprofit world intrigues you, I encourage you to come and explore the key aspects of what it takes to be successful in nonprofits by attending the Chamber hosted Nonprofits and Association Management: Nonprofits 101 on September 1 from 10 am – 1130 am. During this live virtual event, you will have a chance to learn more about this important segment of our society and its important role.  And you don’t have to be job hunting right now!  If you are thinking about pursuing a board position at a non-profit, these fundamentals will help you be a better board member.

Non-profit organizations are critical to our society and our community.  Come learn about what makes them unique and how you can be a part of their mission.


Julie Coons
President and CEO
Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce