Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award Nominee Q&A

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Small Business Nominee
Thomas Craig, Esq., Managing Partner

1.Why do you believe CSR strategy is important for a company?
A Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is vital for a company to set because it lets employees know about the causes an organization is committed to, and it also tells employees their role in keeping a strong CSR strategy. FH+H’s CSR sets the expectation that employees inspire trust when fighting for the rights of clients by choosing the harder right over the easier wrong, and that they give back to the communities that have entrusted our firm with so much.

​A good CSR also sets the standard for ethics and conduct within an organization, which leads to a healthy and supportive work environment for employees.

2. Do you believe that the CSR work you participate in should be affiliated with the work you/your company does? 
FH+H has several ongoing, firm-wide initiatives that are directly in line with the work we do. However, all the CSR work we participate in is not necessarily affiliated with our firm’s industry. FH+H believes in supporting the causes that are important to our employees, whether those align with our work as a law firm or not.

3. What makes your company stand out compared to other companies participating in CSR?
FH+H’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is unique because our CSR is a major driver in our recruiting, hiring, and staff development practices. Our lawyers all share the mentality that being an employee of the firm shouldn’t mean a life of just billable work – they want a life of service to their causes, their community, and their country.

4. Do you believe contributing back to the community allows your company to have a deeper connection with its clients/customers?
Yes; Giving back to the surrounding community and collaborating with local leaders allows FH+H employees to have a better understanding of our clients’ needs. Being involved in different types of community service strengthens our ability to effectively counsel our clients who are working in many business industries.

5. What advice would you give to companies trying to participate in CSR?
Developing a well-thought-out written Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a great start, but it is not enough. The CSR mentality should flow from the highest executive down, and it should begin with your recruiting efforts and continue through to your day to day work. Recruiting and retaining attorneys who share FH+H’s values of service, integrity, and commitment to excellence has been vital in keeping our Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy strong.