Member Blog Post: 5 Tips For Planning Impactful and Memorable Employee-Centered Events

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In our post-pandemic world, where organizations are striving to create authentic connections for their employees, some of whom may be working remotely, novel and memorable experiences can provide an invaluable workforce opportunity. Now that As our business world is entering 2023’s 4th quarter, it’s time to think about creating those opportunities in the form of year-end events. 

With today’s renewed need to generate excitement and memorable experiences that expand networks and forge valuable relationships, it’s in an organization’s best interest to plan an event with the following modern event planning rules in mind: 

  1. Create the Ideal Environment. Selecting the right venue is the start of celebrating your team, and it’s not solely about finding a large enough space. The venue's ambiance should set the tone for the celebration and reflect your organization’s culture. Some unique options include a gilded classic venue with residential holiday décor, an enclosed rooftop showcasing the city’s sights, or a Home for the Holidays theme that brings your office to life! The possibilities are endless for amazing venues within the Greater Washington Region!
  2. Be Inclusive to Celebrate the Individual. Every one of your employees, from entry-level to executive, should feel comfortable and celebrated, not only as a team member but as an individual. Organizations can achieve this by incorporating elements of all celebrations within their end-of-year celebrations. The most impactful moments often stem from those, inclusive and personalized extra steps. Be intentional; your team deserves it.
  3. Add Unique Experiences through Activations. Creating a memorable event can mean incorporating unique activations throughout the celebration. Popular, Instagram-able moments like a custom holiday market with a variety of gifts at the event or volunteering together as a team to benefit your community can personalize the event for your employees. Another idea is to create a fun moment highlighting your organization's milestones, achievements, and significant moments throughout the year. The possibilities are endless to elevate the experience for your team.
  4. Increase the Impact of the Moment. Many organizations add meaning to their year-end celebrations by supporting their community through donation collections, volunteering, and fundraising. Efforts such as preparing or serving meals together through a community nonprofit or distributing toys for needy children can allow your employees to celebrate the holiday season with purpose while making a difference in the lives of others. Celebrating the end of the year thoughtfully and creatively is crucial for companies to boost employee morale and foster a positive work environment.
  5. Be Intentional on Your Timing – If your team is in-person or hybrid, choose a day when everyone is in the office and close early to begin the celebration. Let the team know that they are the greatest asset in the company by choosing to put them first.  If your team is remote, consider the location or have a family-friendly event encouraging them to leave their home office!  Whether you close the year with a celebration or kick off the year in January to avoid the post-holiday blues, a time that recognizes your employees will generate more engagement.

What truly makes a Year-End Celebration special is the celebratory atmosphere that permeates every corner of the event. The power of celebration brings people together, creates bonds, and leaves a lasting impact on individuals and teams.  With careful thought put into the details, you'll witness a collective sense of joy and camaraderie that will leave guests feeling uplifted and inspired.  Provide an experience that will bring your team closer and remind you of the importance of celebrating the achievements and milestones that make your company unique.

We wanted to share our top details to make your team feel genuinely valued and excited for the new year.

This blog post provided by member Regan Lamb, Chief Operating Officer at Linder Global Events