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Ensuring that Northern Virginia has a voice in the legislative process, the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce established the Northern Virginia Business Political Action Committee (NOVABIZPAC) in 2002 to support Virginia legislators and policymakers who champion a pro-business agenda. NOVABIZPAC’s mission is to utilize the resources of the regional business community to ensure the future successes of key business issues.

One of the most influential PACs in the Commonwealth of Virginia, NOVABIZPAC uses the Northern Virginia Chamber’s legislative agenda as its guide as to which candidates to support in Northern Virginia and across the state.

NOVABIZPAC is administered by a Board of Trustees composed exclusively of members of the Northern Virginia Chamber. The Board is comprised of business leaders familiar with the regional business community’s agenda and top priorities. NOVABIZPAC also receives strategic advice and oversight from the Northern Virginia Chamber Board of Directors. NOVABIZPAC meets regularly throughout the year, interviewing and evaluating candidates and elected officials.

NOVABIZPAC allows the Northern Virginia regional business community to collectively organize its political action to elect candidates who share the Northern Virginia Chamber’s goal of job creation and a business-friendly economic climate.

The success of NOVABIZPAC is not possible without the effective participation of the Northern Virginia business community in the political process and the financial support of Northern Virginia Chamber members. Member contributions enable NOVABIZPAC to support worthy candidates and ensure the Northern Virginia Chamber has a voice in the policy and legislative process.

"From the chambers of local government, to the halls of the General Assembly, to the corridors of Congress, the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce is the authoritative, timely, and effective  voice of our region's business community.

​As a Chamber member for 30 years, I've observed, at  very close range, the success of its Richmond agenda, touching on issues of direct relevance to every Chamber member.  From taking the lead role in achieving business privilege occupational license (BPOL) tax reform to championing transportation funding for critically-needed projects, to a host of others, the Chamber's vision is seen and its voice is heard."

Scott McGeary, Director, State Public Policy, Washington Gas

Become Involved

To learn more about NOVABIZPAC, how to become a trustee or to make a contribution to the PAC, contact Clayton Medford, VP Government Relations,

Scott McGeary, Chair, Washington Gas
David Skiles, Treasurer, The Vectre Corporation

Andrew Palmieri
Saul Ewing, Arnstein, & Lehr, LLP

Laura Linn

Kevin McNulty
Cox Communications

Timmy Norton
Great American Restaurants

Nicole Barranco
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

Scott McGeary
Washington Gas

Bill Walsh
Hirschler Fleischer, P.C.

Kedrick Whitmore
Venable LLP

Bill Walsh
Hirschler Fleischer, P.C.

Robert Webb
Miles & Stockbridge

John McGeehan
McGeehan Pascale

Bismah Ahmed
Apartment and Office Building Association

David Skiles

Michael Ferraro

Michael Carlin
Access Point Public Affairs, LLC

Bruce Jennings
Fairfax City Self Storage

Jo Thoburn
Fairfax Christian School

Kathy Albrado
Helios HR, Co-Chair