Is Your Website Design and UX Updated

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The interface design (UI) and user experience (UX) of your website give your brand credibility.To explain the difference between the two, UI has to do more with how the website is laid out visually while UX design has to do more with the overall feel or experience of the website. These two functions go hand-in-hand and are equally as important in the process of building and maintaining a website.

​An effective website design often depends on how well it aligns with your overall branding strategy and brand style guide. Consistency is key in building credibility for your brand. Evidence shows that it’s within those first 5 seconds on your website, that a user will form an opinion of your brand and decide to stay on it or keep moving.

The more cohesive your brand is across all marketing channels, the more familiar users become with your brand which ultimately plants the seed of trust in their mind. Other factors, such as website speed and responsiveness (mobile-friendly), also play a role in sustaining the credibility of your brand.

How fast users can get the information they are looking for is also part of that user experience. If your website has tons of content and no organized structure, maybe it’s time to minimize that text and consider other options to amplify your message, such as an “explainer video” on your homepage or creative infographics.

So, what are some steps you can take to update your website design and user experience?

Keep Your Content Fresh and Clean

In a world convoluted with clutter and information, simple is more. The less users click around to get to the information they need, the better the “user experience” will be. Redo your website structure if need be, based around the content. Make sure your content is relevant, concise and provides value to your audience.

Keep Up with UX Trends

Websites vying for stakeholder attention will continue to devise creative ways to attract users. This means you need to keep up with UI and UX trends in order to keep your website look updated and work properly. Staying oblivious of the changing digital trends is the first step in losing customers.

Make Website Security a Priority 

We hear way too often about large companies getting hacked and valuable information about their clients being compromised. Take necessary measures to make sure your website is regularly updated with the right plugins and tools to maintain its security. If users don’t feel safe using your website, they will not come back again.

Optimization is Key in Getting More Traffic

Search engine optimization basically means using keywords on your website to ensure search engines understand your pages and boost their ranking. Make sure you keep your keywords updated, as well as the content. If you have a new product, or opened a new location, make sure you add that to your specified pages otherwise your website will not show up when people search for you.

These are just a few steps you can take to improve your website’s look, feel and functionality for a better user experience to your audience. Remember, a website is the storefront for your brand and ensuring it is consistently updated and cohesive with your organization’s branding strategy and core values is key in establishing credibility in the minds of your customers.