Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award Nominee Q&A

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Glory Days Grill
Large Business Nominee
Jeff Newman, Co-Founder 

1. Why do you believe CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy is important for a company?
CSR is important to any company because as owners and as employees, we operate in the communities in which we live.  These are our cities and towns, and our guests (or customers) are our neighbors. The safety, success, and happiness of our neighbors translates directly to our company’s success. We are all in this thing called life together, and as a company, Glory Days Grill has always been committed to helping our neighbors using a variety of outreach initiatives.

2. Do you believe that the CSR work you participate in should be affiliated with the work you/your company does? 
Yes and no.  There is certainly a benefit for companies to be involved in their own industries – we are the experts.  Whether donating food to a soup kitchen or community event, or donating bottled water to a 5k race, Glory Days Grill specializes in food and hospitality, and that is where we excel.  On the other hand, we don’t let our industry limit our opportunities to give.  Every year, our golf tournament raises funds for the Sunshine Foundation which grants wishes to critically ill children. Glory Days Grill has always valued families and children. When we have an opportunity to impact someone’s life for the better, we’re game.

3. What makes your company stand out compared to other companies participating in CSR?
Community and philanthropy aren’t just things that we do… they define who we are.  Glory Days Grill is a family-friendly, sports-themed restaurant, so food and sports rank quite high in terms of our priorities. But right after food and sports, our third ‘pillar of focus’ has always been ‘community’. Annually, we give over a million dollars worth of funds, food, and donations back into the communities in which we operate. This isn’t new for us. Philanthropy involvement has always defined Glory Days Grill.

4. Do you believe contributing back to the community allows your company to have a deeper connection with its clients/customers?
Absolutely! The teams we sponsor celebrate their wins and their losses at our restaurants, and families come back regularly to eat together, watch a game, and celebrate a great report card. Our guests regularly ask for our support for their various charities or for support when tragedy strikes close to home, and we make our best attempts to accommodate every request that we receive. CSR is who we are.  When the power goes out after a storm, you will find the neighborhood eating together at their local Glory Days Grill – satisfying their appetites, having fun, and charging their cell phones. Our guests know we are the cornerstone of each community we serve. We will always try to stay open and be there to do whatever we can for them.

5. What advice would you give to companies trying to participate in CSR?
It’s not difficult.  If it’s in your blood then it translates easily to your business. If you can give back using your expertise, then do that but stay open-minded.  Our team members and guests are our family.  We all work together to be successful and create win-win situations.